A mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a hair stylist—

Megan Gerhard-Weisberg was many things to many people,

but they can all agree on one thing: She was everyone’s best

friend.  Born on May 14th, 1980 to Karen and Dave Gerhard,

Megan spent her life in the beach town of Dana Point,

California. She loved the small, close-knit community she called

home—and the sunshine, spending most of her days at the

beach or sailing to Catalina Island with her parents and older

sister, Eryn.

Gifted with a bubbly, outgoing personality and an infectious smile, making new friends came easy to Megan but she never forgot the old ones. She was fiercely loyal and treated her friends like family. Whether acting as a leader in student government, as homecoming princess, or team captain in soccer or cheerleading she always had an incredible gift for bringing people together. You couldn’t help but gravitate towards her. She was fun, passionate, giving and—best of all—she always stayed true to herself. Megan was always Megan: She loved country music and cowboy boots. She was a soccer jock and a cheerleader. She was the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave. She was queen of karaoke and lived to perform in front of an audience. She loved going sailing with her dad. She never went a day without talking to her mom and there is no one she looked up to more than her sister, Eryn. Megan loved her family more than anything and, above all, she loved being a mom.

While most twenty-somethings were dialed into the social scene, Megan had already started a career as a successful hair stylist and was raising a son, Cadyn. He was the light of her life and nothing meant more to her than giving Cadyn a loving and stable home.  When he started school, Megan still managed to volunteer in Cadyn’s classrooms each year, even though she was working full time. She was also an active member of the PTA and the School Site Council, which was even more special because her dad, and Cadyn’s grandfather, was the Principal of Cadyn’s elementary school.

A few years later, Megan reconnected with an old high school friend, Jody Weisberg. He made her laugh and they instantly clicked. He loved Cadyn and he loved her family. Six years later, Megan and Jody were married at the beach on April 2nd, 2011. The newlyweds couldn’t wait to expand their little family—and make Cadyn a big brother—and were soon ecstatic to discover they were pregnant with a baby boy they decided to name Tosh. Giddy with excitement, Megan spent the next several months preparing for his arrival, decorating Tosh’s nursery and reading Jody parenting books before bed to prep him for his new role as “Dad.”

On March 15th, 2012, a day that began with immeasurable joy suddenly turned to unimaginable grief. During childbirth, Megan suffered heart failure caused by a rare pregnancy complication known as amniotic fluid embolism []. Tosh was delivered via emergency C-section, unresponsive and not breathing. Miraculously, doctors were able to revive him and he spent the next three weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit where he received treatment for oxygen deprivation caused by the amniotic fluid embolism that took his mother’s life.

Tosh has made unbelievable strides and continues to thrive thanks to the love and devotion of his dad, his family, and countless friends. While we’re confident Megan’s boys, Cadyn and Tosh, will carry on her legacy through their beautiful spirits, we also hope to keep her memory alive by raising awareness and funding for the AFE Foundation.